Hack your way to build AI tools – Learn about SAP Business AI and get your creative juices going to address the challenges faced by so many customers , Earn prices worth 10,000 GBP.

Aricord aims to be the helpful accelerator to drive the SAP S/4 HANA adoption and unlock the value of BTP transformation services. Ride this AI wave and support SAP S/4HANA move for SAP ecosystem. The recent Sapphire and last few months of news has put a sharp focus of SAP on the Generative AI and its ever-expanding use cases. We would like to invite all the budding SAP developers and business consultants to expand their horizon and use SAP BTP and Generative AI in addressing the Tsunami of the SAP S/4HANA move.  With 2027 fast approaching and many clients still not moved to S/4HANA, how can we consultants support our client in this journey? How can we use these latest innovations to help clients make this journey less risky and move there faster.

With this aim and theme for this Hackathon we are inviting developer community to build your prototype in just few days & win exciting prizes.

This hackathon is tailored for SAP consultants eager to explore the potential of SAP BTP, artificial intelligence & other cloud solutions ( from different hyperscalers- AWS, Azure, GCP)  within the SAP ecosystem. It brings together technology enthusiasts, developers, and innovators from across the globe to collaborate on the real challenge on the SAP S/4HANA move-both greenfield and brownfield.


The main theme of the event will be to help the client with their legacy custom build and ensure a move to clean core in S/4HANA. This broad theme will have below key areas which participants can focus on:-

  1. Ensure custom code is fit for S/4HANA, this can include auto migration tools and solution- The scope can be with any of RICEFW object and solution from participant helps in this journey.
  2. Ensure custom code adoption to follow SAP clean core principle and ensure solution from participant can support in this journey
  3. Help with custom code harmonization- this can include harmonization of custom code and adoption to standard e.g. client might have multiple interfaces and solution from participants can support migration to S/4HANA

Key stage and date-

  1. Launch & kick off-11th July
  2. Registration of teams-Team to register their interest by 19th July. Upon registration, teams will be provided Idea submission template which needs to be filled by the team.
  3. Submit Idea by 31st July
  4. Aricord team to review the Idea’s and announce the team for build stage
  5. Build stage – development time for POC will be 3 weeks and team will be expected to build working prototype
  6. Final review and announcement of winners-

What to expect as a participant:

Participants can apply their technical skills and transform creative ideas into reality. Access cutting-edge tools and receive guidance from seasoned Aricord’s SAP experts to bring your concepts to life.

Expand your expertise, gain hands-on experience, and network with industry peers. Discover how AI, alongside SAP BTP, can optimize business processes, drive product innovation, redefine customer experiences and support the SAP migration use cases.

You will also receive award for your top team who excel across the ideation and build phase

  • Top price of 2000 GBP
  • Each team qualifying for build phase will receive 500 GBP per team

What’s included:

Begin with a brief introduction to the SAP AI landscape. Then, under the mentorship of Aricord’s SAP experts, spend  2 weeks developing a prototype for a selected use case within your team. Benefit from coaching, knowledge sharing, team collaboration, and enjoy building something and plenty of fun along the way!